About Mr and Mrs Bucket List

Inspiring your Bucket List through our love for travel, nature & wildlife.

Welcome to our blog. We hope you enjoy visiting and hopefully you get some inspiration to complete your own bucket list. As the name suggests, we are a married couple on a mission to complete our ever growing bucket list (every time we tick one off, we seem to find out about another great experience to add on!).

Throughout this blog we will share the details of our travels so that you can enjoy these experiences as much as we did – from watching a leopard kill on our wedding day, climbing Kilimanjaro for our honeymoon to jumping in the Norwegian fjords in the middle of winter to swim with orca.  We aim to give truthful accounts- it’s not all roses, we’ve got stories of what -40ºc really feels like, contracting Hepatitis E in Asia, African parasites in Uganda and showing you why you don’t see the grim Kilimanjaro toilet photos on the glossy Instagram pages.

Use the menus at the top to search by different destinations around the globe or by type of activity you like, maybe you’re just interested in trekking or perhaps a just wildlife encounter. Alternatively have a look at our ever growing bucket list and see accounts of which experiences we have achieved and which ones are still to come.


About Mr and Mrs Bucketlist…

We (Michael and Kerry) met back in 2005, we married 10 years later in the African bush overlooking a herd of elephants and the Drakensberg Mountains.

We both absolutely love to travel, our first big trip together was our gap year in 2009 when we backpacked around South America and Asia for a year (on a shoestring budget). We still love all types of travel, however our major passion is jumping in the ocean with the animals who call it home. We’ve always loved the sea, diving & snorkelling, but it was swimming with sea lions in Patagonia that really started it all off. There’s nothing better than to have the privilege to swim with amazing creatures in the wild.


Overwhelmed by all the amazing places there are to visit and working with a limited budget, we decided to draw up our Bucket List so we could focus on doing the things we really want to do and to ensure we spend our money wisely. As lovely as taking a relaxing holiday by a pool is – we feel it’s money that could be going towards something much more memorable. So there you have it… our very own Mr and Mrs Bucket list!

This blog is about how to travel as a couple (fitting in the adventure and quality time together) and how to target your travels around experiences and things you really want to do and will really remember… basically how Mr and Mrs can complete their Bucket list together.



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