Learn about earth’s earliest life – Cervantes & the Pinnacles

At around 3.5billion years old stromatolites are among the oldest life forms still in evidence on our planet. And just outside the town of Cervantes, in Western Australia you can see some of the finest examples of stromatolites that we know of. While these particular examples may only be around 3000 years old, by looking upon them we can perhaps get a glimpse of what life on earth may have been like all those years ago.

Stromatolites may just look like rocks, and they essentially are. They are made up of layers and layers of sedimentary rock. However, what makes them so special is that these layers were formed by cyanobacteria, a single celled microbe, which is now fossilised into the form we can see today.

While scientists are confident they know how stromatolites are formed what lies up the road is still a mystery. In the Namburg National Park are thousands of limestone formations, known today as ‘The Pinnacles’. Scientists still argue as to how these amazing formations were sculpted, but what we do know is that we are left with a truly other-worldly landscape rich in colour and drama. If you are in Perth we definitely recommend a trip up to the Pinnacles.

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