Climbing Kilimanjaro – Days 7&8

Day 7: Summit attempt, Barafu camp(4600m) – Uhuru Peak(5895m) – Mweka Camp(3100m)
Today you will face your greatest challenge, but also the most rewarding point. A very early wakeup call for preparation and light breakfast before starting the summit attempt around 1am! Spectacular views coupled with the sunrise will warm the soul and strengthen the spirit though, as the iconic Uhuru peak
is now on sight. The night we summited the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees Celsius with a howling wind. Less than half the people who attempted the summit made it. So be prepared for this day, it makes the others look like a walk in the park. After the elation of a well earned summit, you descend
back to Barafu camp for a nice break and celebration before continuing to Mweka camp. The down hill can be just as tough as the up so make sure you remain focussed on your descent.
-Walking Distance: 12-14hrs, 21km

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Day 8: Mweka Camp(3100m)- Mweka gate
Descend from Mweka camp to the park gate where you are transferred back to your hotel for a well deserved beer and shower.

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