Watch nesting orangutans – Borneo

Truly one of the most incredible experiences you could hope to witness. After a long days trekking through the beautiful rainforest of the Danum Valley conservancy we actually were on our way back to the lodge when we spotted that first flash of orange.

Deep in the heart of the forest is a suspended walkway, high up in the forest canopy. The walkway was constructed by the owners of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge to allow their guests to experience the forest from a completely different perspective. It was while crossing this walkway we came upon the beautiful mother orangutan and her baby.

Orangutans sleep in nests high up in the trees and actually build a brand new nest every single evening. What we were luck enough to witness was the mother constructing their nest.

Check out the video below for a taste of what you can experience…

We stayed at the nest for well over an hour, until it was clear mum wasn’t going to sleep until we had gone. So we left her in peace and headed back to thee lodge.

Next morning we were up at 5am to see them wake and enjoy watching the baby orangutan having a play in the high branches. And then just like that they were on their way.

The pristine rainforest, breathtaking Orangutan encounter and the truly unbelievable diversity and numbers of the other wildlife makes this place an unmissable addition to a Borneo itinerary.

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