Driving your own Husky team through the arctic

Have you ever dreamed about taking your own team of Huskies through the ice and snow of the high arctic. It is an experience that is on many a Bucket List and one that we couldn’t recommend highly enough. The 5 day Husky safari, with Engholm Husky, takes you from their base in the town Karasjok, Norway to their wilderness camp high up in the arctic circle and back.

A typical day involves getting up in the dark to prepare the dogs, spending the daylight driving your team of sled-dogs over the ice and snow to some beautiful vantage points before returning back to camp to feed yourself and your team. You’ll have lunch out on the snow around a very welcome campfire.

Be prepared for the cold, it was around -40c on the first day and you will fall off your sled (more than a couple of times). But don’t let that put you off. It’s a truly special experience to connect with your dogs during your trip and to experience the pureness of travelling over untouched snow and ice with only caribou for company. The silence of the place is incredible and being that high in arctic during winter means your chances of seeing the amazing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is very good.

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