If you haven’t read our other posts from our trip to Northern Ireland and Belfast make sure you do. Often missed off people’s Europe itinerary, Northern Ireland offers so many places to see and things to do. From ancient castles, stunning coastline and fantastic mountain trekking to seeing where the HBO smash Game of Thrones as filmed visiting Northern Ireland is highly recommended.

From Belfast, head south around the lough and along the coast all the way down to the Mourne Mountains, the home of Winterfell. Make stops at Strangford lough, murlough beach, Audley castle, Tuyllymore Forest Park and take a drive through the Mourne Mountains for a day (or a few days) of beautiful walking and relaxation.

Enjoy the gallery and let us know if you have any questions about a trip to Northern Ireland.


3 thoughts on “From the mountains to the coast – Northern Ireland”

  1. So beautiful and green! Funny to come upon this article today. I was just about to sit down and start researching a trip to Ireland! I was definitely going to include Northern Ireland as well as the south! Thanks for sharing. Your photos are beautiful!

      1. Thanks!! It might be a year or two or three till we get to this trip. Maybe in the mean time, I can inspire someone else to go. My grandmother was from Ireland so it might be cool to figure out where her people were from…

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