Go eye to eye with a Great White Shark – Gansbaai

Everybody has their own definition of what is ‘responsible travel’ and most of us will try our best to be ‘responsible’ when traveling.  For example, none of us want to do something that is going to have a negative impact on the environment, or do something that involves the exploitation of humans or animals; so we actively try and avoid these things when we travel. The whole topic is really a subjective minefield and something we will write about in detail at a later date. We try to be as responsible as possible when we travel, choosing to book with local operators where we can and not going anywhere that keeps animals in captivity are just a couple of way we try to do this. However, there will be some experiences on our list which people may see as not being ‘responsible’.

One activity which often comes up in these sort of conversations is Shark Cage Diving. The theory goes that chumming the water around shark cages makes the shark associate food with humans. Sounds reasonable, but in reality there is very little evidence to show this is the case and a small fish head is a long way from feeding where a shark is concerned. Therefore we felt that by choosing a reputable operator who we know donates a significant portion of our trip fee to conservation, that we can certainly justify doing it. It may not be for everyone but it is truly one of the greatest moments of our lives when we went within centimetres of a large Great White, one of the earth’s true apex predators. We dived 3 times in Gansbaai, South Africa.

There is more video to come but we hope this gives you a little taste of what to expect. For those who don’t fancy getting in the water you can also get fantastic viewing from the comfort of the boat.

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