Go sandboarding in the Peruvian desert – Huacachina

Imagine desert as far as the eye can see. Stunning dunes everyway you look. Then out of nowhere the perfect oasis in the middle of it all. One can only imagine how early travellers felt when this place appeared before them.

Huacachina is small town in the middle of the Peruvian desert, what makes this place so special is the oasis which the town surrounds. Almost appearing out of nowhere it makes a wonderful site in contrast with the towering dunes which encircle the town . However, it’s the dunes which bring the backpackers to Huacachina…

Sandboarding trips go out daily from the town and usually last a few hours. They involve racing up and down the dunes in specialised dune buggies. The buggies will drop you off at the top of the biggest dunes where you can attempt to board down. For those without the necessary technique you can ride down on your stomach, which is equally as fun. Definitely one to add to the Bucket List. Tours are usually organised through the hotels and hostels and we went with the company ‘Desert Nights’. We were very happy with this company and our guide made the trip great fun by racing up and down the dunes!

In Huacachina we stayed at the beautiful Hotel el Huacachinero. The hotel has a swimming pool which is much appreciated after a long day in the dunes.We were happy with this hotel- it was clean and comfortable.

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