Iguazu Falls

We took the night bus from Salta to Foz do Iguazu, on the Argentinian side of the mighty Iguazu falls.  We woke early the next day and took the public bus out to the falls. It is hard to describe the falls themselves, they are beautiful to watch (Kerry even cried) and the amount of water that’s flowing over the falls at any given moment is just incredible.

We spent the day exploring as much of the park as we could. We also took the boat ride under the falls, it’s expensive but so worth it. After a full day walking in the heat getting completely soaked by the falls is great fun rather refreshing.

There’s also a surprising amount of wildlife in the park itself. We saw hundreds of birds, butterflies, coatis and a couple of black and white Tegu.

At the end of the day we headed back into town for a well earned beer and a beautiful meal.

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