Incredible Polar Bear viewing in Churchill, Canada

Travelling to Churchill in the summer we were cautiously hopeful that we might catch a glimpse of a polar bear, but knowing we were out of season we certainly weren’t getting our hopes up. We had travelled up into the Canadian arctic in order to swim with the beluga whales who visit Churchill in July and August each year. The polar bears are usually still in hibernation at this time, before they wake around September time and head down to the edge of the Hudson Bay to wait for the ice to freeze.

You can imagine our excitement when on our first day out swimming with the whales, we heard there were polar bears in the area. They had taken control of a beluga carcass which was close to the shore. We headed over to the area and found 13 polar bears on the small peninsula near to where the whale carcass was located.

Enjoy the gallery and please tell us what you think. Is seeing polar bears on your bucket list? If not, tell us what is…

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