Meet a quokka on Rottnest Island

Truly one of our favourite places on earth, Rottnest island or “Rotto” to locals is a mix of white sand beaches, hidden coves and fantastic snorkeling. On its own it would be paradise but for many the highlight of Rottnest is the opportunity to meet the adorable little marsupial, the quokka.

The quokka is a small marsupial (in the same family as kangaroos and wallabies). Primarily nocturnal, though they can often be seen during the day, quokkas only live in the wild on a small number of islands off the Western Australian coast. Their absence of fear for humans has made the quokka quite an attraction, as you can get up close to them very easily. Their characteristic ‘smile’ also makes them a great photo subject. Add these together and the quokka selfie was born.

Ferries leave Perth and Fremantle for Rottnest multiple times a day. If you are planning on a day trip make sure you leave early as you’ll easily run out of time when you’re on the island. You can stay overnight on the island but be prepared and book in advance as accommodation books up quickly, especially in school holidays. There are no cars allowed (except for the police) so make sure you bring a bike or rent one when you get off the boat. The island is quite large, so it will easily take you most of the day if you want to cycle round the whole thing, add in time to relax on the beach, go for a swim and snap some quokka selfies and you’ll want to have booked the very last boat back.

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