Mendoza Wine Tour

We arrived in Mendoza from Bariloche. Mendoza is a beautiful city and is famous for its wineries. It’s a popular spot for tourists and one of the most iconic things to do is to hire a bike and cycle around the scenic wineries for the day. We of course had to do this activity and chose to go with the company ‘Mr Hugo’, he is quite famous on the backpacker scene. The bikes were of a good standard and we were very pleased with the company. We set off and explored some beautiful wineries, taking our time in the sun to enjoy the views Mendoza has to offer. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. One of the drawbacks however, was the distance between wineries and that the cycle route is also on quite busy roads, which can sometimes have a lot of traffic. This definitely detracted from the experience as we had always imagined the cycle itself would always be quiet and tranquil on small windy paths through vineyards. However, it is still worth a trip and a great way to spend a day!

When we were in Mendoza we also took a day trip to the hot springs (Termas Cacheuta spa). We absolutely loved this day and talk about it all the time. We would love to go back as it is such a beautiful place and you spend the day dipping in and out of the pools set amongst the Andes. It was heaven! They also have mud available so you can cover yourself or your partner in mud, bask in the sun until it is all dried and then rinse it off in their showers (very good for your skin apparently). I (Kerry) also went for a massage which was lovely. They have the most amazing lunch spread available if you’re staying for the day, it was one of the best lunches we have ever had! Visiting the springs is an absolute must if you are in the area. We have been to many hot springs and these ones definitely provide the best overall experience!

In Mendoza we stayed in two places, however Hostel Loa was by far the better option and we would definitely recommend it. During our time in Mendoza we also went to the famous restaurant ‘Don Mario’- it was probably the best meal we have ever had in our lives!

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