Swimming with sea turtles – Ningaloo Reef

You’ve seen Finding Nemo haven’t you?

If you have I’m sure you’ll remember Nemo, the adorable little clown fish. But do you remember Crush? and Squirt? The chilled out sea turtles who help Nemo’s dad, Marlin.

In the film the turtles are given laid-back ‘surfer’ personalities. And can I tell you a secret?

This is exactly how they come across in real life!

Swimming with sea turtles is a magical experience. These peaceful and gentle creatures can be found in almost every oceanic basin on earth. Their relaxed nature makes swimming alongside them is almost mesmeric.

There are few better places to make their acquaintance than the incredible Ningaloo Reef. The world’s largest fringing reef is found in Western Australia, approximately 1200km north of Perth.

What makes Ningaloo so perfect for swimming with sea turtles is that they are so close. You can walk into the ocean from any one of hundreds of beautiful white sand beaches and within a few flipper kicks you are on the reef. The reef is home to thousands of turtles and you don’t need to spend long in the water to come across one of these amazing animals.

Have a look through the gallery below for a glimpse of what a sea turtle swim is like in Ningaloo, Australia.

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