Orca and Humpbacks in Norway’s Herring run

Though not as famous as Canada’s Salmon run or even Southern Africa’s Sardine run, the Herring run of northern Norway is arguably even more spectacular. The run sees countless numbers of Herring head up through the Norwegian Fjords and followed in close pursuit by hundreds of Orca and Humpback whales for their annual feast. Add to this the spectacular scenery of snow-capped mountains and nightly shows from the Northern Lights this is really a trip for every Bucket List.

Leaving from the port city of Tromso, our primary reason to visit was not only to see these amazing animals from the comfort of a boat, but also to suit up and swim with them.

If diving headfirst into near freezing water isn’t your thing then your topside viewing will still be spectacular. Whale watching trips leave Tromso each day but for the best chance of a great viewing head out on a livaboard trip with Stromsholmen. The run is at it’s peak in December and January.

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