Watch orca hunting in Johnstone Strait – Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove, in northern Vancouver Island, has become a a hub for eco-tourism in recent years. It is probably best known for it’s access to Knight Inlet, home to world famous grizzly bear viewing, with TideRip tours. However, it is also the perfect starting point for a trip into Johnstone Strait and a chance to see the humpback whales and orca who are there to hunt.

The town itself is a beautiful spot and the Telegraph Cove Resort, situated in the harbour, is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the peace and tranquility on offer in this part of the world.

We travelled to Telegraph Cove in August and experienced fantastic whale watching in the strait. We watched a pod of transient orca hunting and killing a porpoise, saw several humpbacks making their way up the channel, a number of curious seals and a handful of majestic bald eagles watching on from the neighbouring trees.

This area is a haven for marine wildlife and is a must for anyone taking in Vancouver Island on their Bucket List trip to Vancouver Island.

There are many different ways to experience the strait and a favourite has always been a multi-day kayaking trip. Although, we have heard mixed reports of these trips. Everyone agrees that the scenery and camping aspect of the trip is truly magical and on its own worth doing the trip. However, when it comes to spotting orca and humpbacks from your kayak it is a lot more hit and miss. Due to your speed in a kayak you are very much confined to a specific area/route, and if the whales aren’t in that area on your day you unfortunately have little chance of seeing them up close. Of course seeing an orca up close from a kayak beats seeing it from a boat, but if you’re priority is seeing the animals then you are probably better off on a boat based tour.

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