Raft off a waterfall and soak in a real hot spring- Rotorua & Taupo

White Water Rafting is an awesome experience enjoyed by thousands of people each year. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some brilliant white water rafting trips before, but rafting over a waterfall and dropping vertically into the pool below is definitely one for your Bucket List. There aren’t many places in the world where you can raft off a waterfall during the day and then soak in a real hot spring at night, but this is what you can do around the town of Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island.

Tutea falls is still the highest commercially raftable waterfall in the world and it was the highlight of our amazing rafting trip along the Kaitiaki river just outside Rotorua. There are a number of companies who offer rafting trips in the area on various rivers, but we’d definitely recommend going over the falls so choose your trip carefully. We rafted with Kaituna Cascades on their ‘Kaituna River’ trip.

For those who don’t fancy being dunked in cold water perhaps hot water is more your thing. Both Rotorua and Taupo are famous for their natural hot springs; so after your morning rafting and an afternoon hike around the stunning lake Taupo, we definitely recommend a soak in the springs. For a more polished experience the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua is a very nice spot. Located on the edge of a lake and with private pools and massages available it offers a little bit of luxury. However, if natural is more your thing then Otumuheke Stream, in the Waikato River, is for you. Within walking distance of Taupo this natural spring flows directly into the river creating a number of pools of varying temperatures on the way.

Take a look at the gallery below for a little taste of a trip to New Zealand’s Rotorua.

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