See the African Wild Dogs hunt – Sabi Sands

African Wild Dogs, Africa’s second most endangered carnivore (after the Ethipoian Wolf), are under extreme threat due to consistent encroachment on their habitat. Otherwise known as Painted dogs or African Hunting dogs they rely on vast areas to live in. This is required for hunting, but also the ability to breed outside their pack and avoid health issues relating to inbreeding, which they are particularly susceptible to. This highly intelligent animal usually lives in packs of 5-30 dogs and can be found around South East Africa. They are the most efficient hunter on the Africa plains with a kill success rate of over 90%. They hunt in packs and due to their incredible stamina can outlast many of their prey.

We finally got the opportunity to see the dogs in the Sabi Sands, South Africa after missing them on our first trip to this amazing continent.

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