See the Reindeer and Sled Dogs at Engholm Husky Lodge

Engholm Husky Lodge is located just outside the town of Karasjok in northern Norway. It was also to be the base for our Husky Expedition up into the Arctic Circle. This place is not just any old lodge though. Engholm takes the form of individually designed an constructed chalets set among the trees of the surrounding native forest.

While we were at Engholm for our Husky Expedition this is far from the only reason you would visit. If a chance to see the annual Sami Reindeer migration is on your list or perhaps the opportunity to do some cross country skiing you will find both here. And don’t just think this is a winter destination, the summer months bring beautiful, long, sunny days and the opportunity to train the young dogs on summer sleds.

Whether it is an adventure activity or a romantic getaway which brings you here this place will not disappoint.

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