Swim with Cape Fur Seals – Cape Town

For those who know about Cape Town’s reputation for Great White Sharks, swimming with seals just off it’s coast may seem like a ridiculous idea. However the theory is that the Atlantic side of the South African coast, as opposed to the Indian Ocean side, is a little bit cold for the White Sharks and as such you are safe to jump in the water with their favourite dinner.

Well that was good enough for us anyway so we booked a morning swim with sealsnorkeling.com. We were taken out from Hout Bay harbour for a couple of hours with the colony of Cape Fur Seals who call this area home. Although it is much more pleasant to do this trip in summer you will also be faced with far worse visibility. If you are happy to brave the cold and choppy conditions your view of the seals will likely but far better in winter.

Keep your eye out for the video to come but in the meantime check out the photos below for a taste of what you can experience on this Bucket List trip.


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