Swim with wild dolphins – Western Australia

Who wouldn’t love to go swimming with dolphins, these beautiful and intelligent animals are very inquisitive and playful in the water and can offer fabulous interactions for snorkelers and divers.

Unfortunately these qualities have been abused and exploited and it is also possible to “swim” with captive dolphins. Keeping animals in captivity is something we are very much against, so thankfully for us there are numerous places around the world where swimming with wild dolphins is possible; and what better place to do it than in sunny Western Australia.

Just an hour south of Perth is Rockingham Wild Encounters and another hour south of that is Dolphin Discovery in Bunbury. Both places offer fabulous dolphin swimming. Our preference is for Bunbury, where you are free to swim and dive anywhere you like with the dolphins (Rockingham requires you to hold a line). Bunbury also has the advantage of being one of the few places we know of where dolphins will come right up to the beach to give you some amazing viewing while you relax on the sand. For anybody who has swimming with dolphins on their Bucket List you won’t go wrong with a swim here.

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