The Amazon: Rurrenabaque Day 3 and 4

Rurrenabaque is a little town situated on the banks of Río Beni in the Amazon Basin. It is from here where you can take pampas or jungle tours into the Amazon. It is a very laid back place and is becoming increasingly popular with eco-tourists and travellers in search of wildlife encounters.

We arrived in Rurrenabaque without any tour booked. When we arrived we just took a walk down the street where you will find lots of different companies offering tours. You can then directly speak to the company and ask them questions to make sure the tour suits your individual needs. We decided to go with a company called ‘Dolphin Travel’ and we did a pampas tour where we spent lazy, romantic days going up and down the river wildlife spotting. We saw an array of wildlife, including pink river dolphins, caiman, alligator, capybaras and monkeys to name a few.

We also actually got into the river to swim with the pink river dolphin. Our guide, Rosario advised us that it is safe to swim when the river dolphin are present because they are very territorial and scare the caiman and alligator away. We are still alive, so maybe he was right!

We also went piranha fishing one day (we released everything we caught back into the river) and on one of the days we also went on a walk where Rosario found an anaconda which was amazing to see. The company also took us on a night tour one evening and it was very eerie and exciting to be out on the river at night watching the eyes on the bank reflect back at you when a torch was shone their way!

In the evenings we slept in a cabin/ dorm. There were approximately 10 people per room so it wasn’t romantic or private accommodation on this occasion. But the whole trip was incredible and to be in the Amazon seeing the wildlife really highlighted how important it is to conserve this precious ecosystem. It was definitely a bucket list moment and a travel highlight that we will never forget.

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