The best cold water diving in the world – Browning Pass

Say the name Browning Pass to a keen diver and watch their eyes light up. Regarded by many as the best temperate diving in the world, divers come from all over the globe to dive these waters, and for good reason. The diving is utterly spectacular. With water temperatures ranging from about 6-12 degrees celsius it is not for the faint-hearted but those who brave the temperatures and the long journey to get here are rewarded by a diving experience to remember.

Located off the very top of Vancouver Island, about an hours boat ride from Port Hardy, is Nigei Island. This was our base for our stay, well a group of floating buildings in the island’s main lagoon was our base. The Hideaway resort is rustic, but what it lacks in creature comforts it more than makes up for in location and scenery. When you aren’t in the water you can sit back and watch the resident seals and otters go about their fishing. Or look in the trees for a view of a bald eagle. There is even a resident wold pack on the island, but unfortunately we weren’t fortunate enough to see them.

Have a browse of the gallery below for a taste of what you can expect on a trip to Browning Pass. This is a true Bucket List experience for dive enthusiasts and we would go back in an instant.

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