The Ultimate Wildlife and Travel Bucket List

So, here it is. The Bucket List.

If you have read the About Us page you will know that we compiled this list so that we could concentrate on experiencing the things that really matter to us. The list below shows the experiences we’ve been fortunate enough to have, and a sneak peak of a few that are hopefully not too far away. While we try and experience as many things as possible each year, our list is growing ever longer and we anticipate adding quite a few more, so keep your eye out for new additions.

Click on the links to read more about our trip or feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear what is on your list and what else you think we might enjoy.


  1. Swim with Humpback Whales
  2. Come face to face with a Great White Shark
  3. Spend time with African Lions
  4. See a Cheetah run
  5. Watch a leopard on a kill
  6. See the secret 7 (Pangolin, Aardvark, Serval, Civet, Genet, Wild Cat, Porcupine)
  7. Swim with Sperm Whales
  8. Swim with Bull Sharks
  9. Look up at a Giraffe
  10. See a jumping crocodile
  11. Watch the black bears of North America
  12. Swim with a Basking Shark
  13. Visit a penguin colony
  14. Wake up with a Meerkat family
  15. See a Honey Badger
  16. Get up close to a polar bear
  17. Swim with Dusky Dolphins
  18. Find a wild pygmy elephant
  19. Swim with Bottle Nosed Dolphins
  20. Get up close to a Bonobo – Congo
  21. See Great White Shark breaching
  22. Swim with Australian fur seals
  23. Swim with Manatees
  24. Meet a wild Kangaroo
  25. See Black Rhino
  26. See a Wolf pack in action
  27. Release a Sea Turtle hatchling
  28. See an African Wild Dog pack hunt
  29. See the mighty Condors soaring above
  30. Swim with a Tiger Shark
  31. Spot a Jaguar in the Rainforest
  32. Swim with penguins
  33. Spot an Irrawady dolphin – Laos
  34. Swim with a Thresher Shark
  35. View the iconic Arctic animals in their habitat (Moose, Elk, Reindeer, Arctic Fox & Snowy Owl, Bison)
  36. See a proboscis monkey
  37. Swim with Beluga Whales
  38. Meet the mountain gorillas
  39. Swim with Cape Fur Seals
  40. Watch bears fish on a waterfall – North American Salmon Run
  41. Find a Bornean Gibbon
  42. Spot a tree climbing lion
  43. Swim with Narwhal
  44. Kayak with Humpback Whales
  45. See a Flying Squirrel fly
  46. Meet a Quokka
  47. Watch Southern Right Whales breaching
  48. Swim with a bait ball in Africa’s Sardine run
  49. Swim with Orca (Killer Whales)
  50. Spend time with African Elephants
  51. See a Lowland Gorilla
  52. Get up close to a Grey Whale
  53. Swim in Jellyfish lake – Palau
  54. Swim with Blue Whales
  55. Find a mystical Spirit Bear
  56. Watch Whales from the beach
  57. Witness Africa’s Great Migration
  58. Spot an anteater
  59. See Borneo’s amazing Orangutans
  60. Spot Africa’s most endangered predator – Ethiopian Wolf
  61. See a Cougar (Mountain lion)
  62. Swim with Sea Lions
  63. Swim with Whale Sharks
  64. See the big 5 on safari (The Kruger, Sabi Sands, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Okavango Delta)
  65. Swim with Sea turtles
  66. Get up close to a Grizzly Bear
  67. Enter the world of glow worms
  68. Swim with Manta Rays
  69. See our closest relative – the Chimpanzee
  70. Spot a white Rhino
  71. See a wild Koala
  72. Swim with Pilot Whales
  73. Spot a Sea Otter
  74. Drive a husky team through the Arctic
  75. Swim with Hammerhead Shark
  76. Swim with Minke Whales
  77. See a snow leopard in the Himalayas
  78. Get up close to a Komodo Dragon
  79. See India’s amazing Tigers
  80. Trek the Simien mountains to see the Geladas

Natural Wonders

  1. Climb to the roof of Africa at Mt. Kilimanjaro
  2. Visit the Galapagos islands
  3. Marvel at Ngorongoro Crater
  4. Trek Torres del Paine – Chile
  5. Sail the Whitsunday islands
  6. Trek to Everest base camp
  7. Visit a wonder of the world at Ha Long Bay
  8. Experience the culture of lake Titicaca
  9. Dive between the earth’s plates – Iceland
  10. Dive big blue hole – Belize
  11. Sleep under the stars
  12. Visit the iconic Amazon rainforest
  13. Drive the Great Ocean road
  14. Take in the sights of Canada’s National Parks
  15. Watch an Iceberg calving into the sea
  16. Explore Ireland’s countryside
  17. Drive the Garden Route – South Africa
  18. Explore Yellowstone
  19. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  20. See the view from god’s window – Drakensburg Mountains
  21. Marvel at the mighty Iguazu Falls
  22. Explore cradle of mankind – Great Rift Valley, Africa
  23. See the Northern Lights
  24. Stand under Niagara Falls
  25. Cruise Canada’s inside passage
  26. Swim at the top of Victoria Falls
  27. Step foot on Antarctica
  28. See the desert meet the ocean
  29. See planet earth’s earliest life – the Stromatolites
  30. Wonder at the salt flats of South America
  31. See an active lava lake
  32. Stay on a tropical island
  33. Scuba dive the iconic Browning Pass
  34. Sail the Brazilian Coast
  35. Kayak the mighty Mekong river
  36. Relax in beautiful Bali
  37. Take a dip in an Andean Hot spring
  38. Explore the rice fields of Vietnam
  39. Take the Rocky Mountain Explorer train
  40. Explore the Okavango Delta
  41. Go trekking on a glacier

Historic Places

  1. Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  2. Visit the tunnels of the Vietnam war
  3. Trek to Ciudad Perdida – Colombia
  4. Look out over the Cape of Good Hope
  5. See the mystical Nazca lines
  6. Visit Petra – Jordan
  7. Wonder around Bangkok’s grand palace
  8. Soak up some rays on Bondi beach
  9. See the Egyptian pyramids
  10. Mountain bike down Death Road
  11. See the Castles of Europe
  12. Explore the incredible Angkor complex – Cambodia
  13. Visit the iconic temple of Borobudur
  14. Explore ancient Thailand

Iconic Cities

  1. Watch sunset over Rio from Sugarloaf Mountain – Rio de Janeiro
  2. Visit New York
  3. Take in the sights of London
  4. Enjoy the view from Sydney harbour
  5. Take a rail journey through Europe’s ancient cities
  6. Explore the top of Table Mountain – Cape Town
  7. Hong Kong

Other Experiences

  1. Attend a Meditation Retreat
  2. Do a Skydive
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Go Sandboarding
  5. Spend a day at a Polo Championship
  6. Attend the Boxing Day cricket test at the MCG
  7. Explore the world’s favourite wineries (Margaret River, Mendoza & Stellenbosch)
  8. Get married in the African Bush
  9. Learn to surf
  10. Go deep into the earth in a working mine
  11. Go to a Grand Slam Tennis Championship
  12. White water raft off a waterfall
  13. Go horseback riding with a real Gaucho
  14. Go Tubing
  15. Stay a night in ice hotel
  16. Go skiing

…and that is all for now.

Let us know what you think of the list. Anything you think we’ve missed? What is on your list?

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