The Polar Bears of Churchill, Canada

Churchill, in Manitoba Canada, is affectionately known as the Polar Bear capital of the world. These massive bears, weighing up to 600kg and measuring 3m tall, descend on the small town of Churchill each year while they wait for the ice of the Hudson Bay to freeze. Prime viewing time for polar bear activity is October/November but with the Beluga whale season being in the summer, visitors would usually have to choose which of these amazing animals they would like to see.

We chose to visit in summer for an opportunity to swim with beluga whales. However, changing weather patterns in recent years has seen the bears appearing earlier in the year and we were surprised and delighted to get some fantastic polar bear viewing in the first week of August!

We got our best viewing from the zodiac during our beluga swims and also had a great sighting from the summer tundra buggy day tour. We travelled to Churchill on a 7 day trip with Andy Murch from BigFish Expeditions with our primary focus being on the Beluga.

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