Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland. It is a fascinating city with a rich history and offers easy access to some of the most beautiful parts of Irish countryside.

Perhaps most famous as the primary setting for ‘the Troubles’ of the 1970s and 80s, when Belfast saw frequent gun and bomb attacks throughout the city. The troubles was a violent 30 year conflict, between the unionist and nationalist parties, surrounding the constitutional state of Northern Ireland. Signs of the conflict are less apparent nowadays, but the intimidating murals which adorn the side of many houses still demonstrate the residents allegiances to either side. The Belfast jail will also offer visitors fascinating insight into the history of Belfast through the eyes of the prisoners who called the place home.

Perhaps less well known is that Belfast was actually the birthplace of the famous ship Titanic, at the time the largest passenger ship in the world. On the morning of the 15th April 1912 Titanic sunk after striking an iceberg on it’s way to New York from the UK. The story was later immortalised thanks to James Cameron’s blockbuster film of the same name. In honour of the work of the shipyard and in memory of the passengers on board Belfast is now home to the Titanic museum, which gives visitors an insight into the ship’s construction, launch and ultimately its demise. You can even look down on the exact spot the ship was built.

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  1. I like your blog, not just this post (found it particularly interesting since I just posted about Belfast myself) . You guys are interesting.

      1. I have been to 74 countries, 3 new ones coming this year. I just started my travel blog but I must say I was seriously impressed with your list of destinations. I don’t find people often who share my crazy, never ending passion for traveling.

        1. Oh wow. I’ll look forward to seeing more Posts from you. Yeah we’re just starting on the whole blog stuff but as you’ll probably see we’re a little obsessed with wildlife. Swimming with Bull sharks in Fiji and sperm whales in Africa this year I hope.

          1. I just started too, a few weeks ago.
            You guys are obsessed with wildlife (and, why not?) and I have a passion for photography.
            I hope you get to fulfill your wildlife dreams.
            My dream is also coming true this year, going to Uzbekistan, traveling the old silk road. How is that for an adventure?
            Next up is Chile though, our base will be Santiago. Very much looking forward!

          2. I think Chile will be a place I have to go back to. The country is just so large, one can not cover it at once. We only have a week and will concentrate on Santiago, Valparaiso and a few side trips. The park in the south must be stunning but has to be another trip. Good excuse to go back. 😎

    1. Hi guys and thank you. It really depends on where you are planning to go. If you’re going to Ireland i think you’d definitely benefit from your own car or campervan same for france. Where are you thinking of going?

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