Seeing a Great White Shark in action doesn’t mean you have to get in the water (though we think it is much better if you do). In Gansbaai, South Africa you can head out on any of the shark diving boats for some incredible topside action from the comfort of the deck. Read more about this activity in our report of our Shark Diving adventures in South Africa or just enjoy some photos from what you can expect to see on your Bucket List trip.

3 thoughts on “Watch one of the world’s apex predators – Great White Sharks”

  1. I’ve always been torn on whether cage diving with great whites would make me paranoid to dive. I had a reef shark stalk me in Australia so now I’m already looking over my shoulder.

    1. You would love it Scott. Nothing beats getting so close to sharks this big. I guess it depends where your normally diving though, and I’m not too sure about people that free dive with great whites… might have to build up to that one!

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