Watch out for the wildlife – Jasper National Park

With it’s beautiful lakes, hiking trails and viewpoints Jasper National Park is the perfect bucket list destination for those looking to explore the Canadian Rockies.

Our primary reason for visiting Banff and Jasper was for the opportunity to spot some of Canada’s iconic wildlife in action. The key to spotting the animals is knowing where to go and most importantly when. To give yourself the best opportunity of a nice sighting it usually means early starts (before first light) and sunset finishes. We were fortunate to see nearly every animal we were hoping to see (except wolves). Most notably for us we saw pika, chipmunk, otter, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, black bear and a few incredible grizzly bears.

Enjoy the gallery and please tell us what is on your bucket list. Anybody planning a trip to Jasper? Feel free to egt in touch with any questions.

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