Wine and white sand beaches – Margaret River

Margaret River is one of those destinations which you’ll want to return to over and over again. Not only because it offers some of the most spectacular beaches on earth, Margs is also home to a number of wonderful cave systems. Visit Mammoth cave and Lake cave for a spectacular subterranean experience

What makes Margaret River famous though is wine, and a visit to the wineries gives you a great chance to see the beautiful estates, learn more about the wine making process and have a taster of the wines on offer. There are quite a number of wineries in the area to visit, 187 to be precise (and another 28 vineyards). And with the majority offering free wine tastings it’s advisable to have a designated driver! Or take one of the many tasting tours which cover the area. We could list off a number of our favourite wineries to visit, from the big impressive estates like Leeuwin to the smaller boutique wineries like Xanadu but we’ve found that there is something nice about picking a few at random and just dropping in. With breweries, chocolate factories and countless fantastic restaurants there is definitely something for everyone here.

Check out our other posts from Margaret River here and enjoy the gallery below for a taste of what is on offer in Margaret River.

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